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Jun 6, 2015

My wife and I had a great experience with John Hart. He was.a complete professional and guided us through every step of selling our house.I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a realtor.

— berdingmark

Jun 5, 2015

We just closed in June on selling my house which had been under contract since October the year before. Part of the delay was due to a zoning problem in the Brewery District which we found was zoned commercial rather than residential. The house had been in the family for close to a hundred years and had never changed owners being sold. This caused a couple months delay getting all the approvals to change the zoning through the necessary district and city committees (3) and was a somewhat tedious experience. Then the buyer had changed the type of loan he was going to pursue a few times and finally settled on some type of FHA 202c loan that required "volumes" of overkill paperwork and signatures. Through all of this John Hart remained the professional he is and encouraged me to maintain the race as the buyer was definitely interested in buying my property. I very much appreciate his encouragement and devotion to completing the sale as we had only met once in person as we are in different states by about 900 miles. I believe my experience with John serves well for any future seller or buyer that may want to do business with John "persevere" Hart.

— gsherbst